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    Sanmenxia's edible fungi strain hits foreign markets
    Updated: 2015-12-24

    A new strain of edible fungi developed in Sanmenxia, Henan province, has experienced high demand in global markets. Orders for the special fungi strain have been placed in countries worldwide, including South Korea, Japan and Australia.

    Developed by Senhan Fungi Cooperative in Shanxian county, the fungi is in liquid form and is popular for its low cost, short cultivation period and a high degree of hardiness.

    "The strain of liquid edible fungi is a kind of advanced cultivation technology and has lots of advantages over the traditional solid form," said Nie Haifeng, head of Senhan Fungi Cooperative. Nie is the only person in Sanmenxia who is an expert in cultivation technology for liquid edible fungi.

    Nie began his business from an individual workshop before establishing a standardized, automatic production model for the strain of liquid fungi.

    By utilizing Alibaba's online global trade platform, Nie's products have attracted hundreds of customers from across the world.

    "Liquid form (of fungi) is not convenient for transportation and we have devised an innovative method of solidifying the edible fungi strain before exporting it to other places," said Nie.

    Nie also disclosed his plan to invest more in online marketing to promote the special edible fungi strain to a wider market.

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